About Tekniska Byrån

Our business is target-oriented and networking with a large interface.
Tekniska Byrån works with consultancy in the area of electro-technology. We emphasise modern installation technology for electricity and teletechnical sytems in houses, i.e. intelligent buildings etcetera.
At the basis of Tekniska Byrån is our concept of services that we are constantly developing.

The premises in Storgatan, Vetlanda.

We look at our business in a very long-term oriented way and the contacts we establish are aimed at working for a very long time.

We also try to create flexible solutions for our customers' demands and special requirements in a new and coefficient way. Tekniska Byrån has as its goal to establish contacts on the electro-technical market in Sweden.

When we take care of an order for a customer this means that the customer has more time to run his/her local business and to work with selling and customer service.



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