Tekniska Byrån also develops products which is used in building control systems.

KNX support in mControl 3
Now KNX is supported in mControl, Software for your digital home. The latest version has support for iPhone/iPad >>>

MusicGateway is an handy PC application that connect your KNX system with music zones from Logitech. >>>

BuildingPortalSuite New!
BuildingPortalSuite is a simple and easy to use PC application that creates a portal to your KNX system. Different functions can be handled depending on which component that are installed. The current version supports Alarm, Logger and Controller, but more is in development... >>>

Alarm for BuildingPortalSutie New!
Displays and handle alarms from your KNX system >>>

Logger for BuildingPortalSutie New!
Logger easily collect and log data from your KNX system >>>

Controller for BuildingPortalSutie New!
A handy and easy to use control for your KNX system >>>

Meter for BuildingPortalSutie New!
Easily collects and logs enrgy data from your KNX energy meters >>>

My House
Control from Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7 >>>

The IH-guide is product which makes it easier to be informed and then select functions. See (Swedish site)

CAD for KNX is the tool for design of KNX bus systems. >>>



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